COVID – 19

Free Professional Advice

This is for any business that has been affected by the global disaster facing us all.

Do you need any guidance on what is available to you or your business from the government?

 For example:-

                        Business Grant

                        Self Employed Grant

                        Newly Self Employed Grant

                        Business Loan

                       Job Retention Scheme

We have been successful in securing Business Grants and submitting applications for the Job Retention Scheme (Furloughed workers) at no additional cost to our clients.

We know this is a very challenging time for all self-employed people and businesses alike.

We are here to help you obtain any financial assistance you may be entitled to.

New Finance offerings launched 4th May

Bounce back loan scheme 

 Vital cash injection for sole traders, micro firms 

 Simple route to fast finance to stay afloat
 Loans between 2k – 50k

 Maximum of 25% of turnover

 100% Government backed guarantee 

 Repayments & interest free for the first 12 months 

 Short simple application form

 Funds available  24hrs after approval

 Repay loans over 5 years, after the initial 12 months

Please contact us for a response from one of our experts.